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 Creative Workshops

Our creative design workshops are the perfect event program for adults.  You or the recipient of your design will fall in love with your creation because it was made with your hands.  The workshops can be scheduled as a monthly or weekly program agreement at your location, for day, evening or weekend schedules set at 1.5 to 2 hours per session and the attendees will leave with their creation at the end for most sessions.


Residents will enjoy a new creative arts program that has been known to eliminate stress, develop creativity and imagination, and provide a much-needed social connection, while following protective guidelines.  Maximum ten people per session in person.  Call for group rates.

Jewelry Design Workshop:  There are so many styles and themes to be created in our jewelry workshops.  In each session, our designer will help you create one special basic or medium jewelry project from earrings, to bracelets, to necklaces, using all types of beads and styles.  Create it, wear it, love it, or give it to someone special.


Collage Workshop:  Take the limits off your canvas story with layers from the background, pictures, to adding objects such as cloth, flowers, sand, hair, and any item that will add to your story!


Chalking Workshop:  This creative art generates so much fun and fulfillment as you create the story, designing images, characters, words and chalking in the color of your design. Take a picture of your keepsake or take home your personal board!

Rock Shell Wood & Tee Art Workshops:  Put your favorite poem, quote or picture on rock, shell, wood, or tee shirt to enjoy!  You will be amazed at your hand crafted design.  It truly is one of a kind.

Light & Bubble Workshops:  Create a candle and enjoy the warm light and sweet aroma!  Ready for soap art!  Create a new soap design each month and enjoy the bubbles!


Roadside Theatre Workshop:  Enjoy the drama and comedy when the audience becomes the actors and take over the show!  A room theme will be selected, performance given from comedy, drama, mystery who done it, and improv will be used to set the stage and let the performance begin!

Hug Bear Design Workshop: Your bear will be your next best friend!  You will be given a teddy bear or an animal from the kingdom.  Our designer will guide you to make the bear unique with your own creation by styling to your fashion taste.  Add a tee shirt with a personalized message to remember for family and friends.  Add a picture or patch or paint on a tattoo. Farm him down, casual her out, or glam up or remain plain with a creative ribbon.  Create it, love it, or give it to someone.


Creamy Slush Design Workshop: Go back into time and visit the Dutch style of creating.  Make it, use it or Give it!  Enjoy the slush and lush of creating Soap, Body Butter, Lip smoothy workshop that brings the group together to mix natural ingredients and whip up a creamy slush design ready to admire and use.


Pillow Talk Workshop: 

Pull out your favorite poetry, phrases, scripture, thought of the day, words of encouragement, warnings, thank you note, love letter, and more to design on a pillow that you will love and cherish. You write it and our designer will help you produce it on a pillow.  Create it, love it, or give it to your special someone.

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