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Facilities Creative Workshops (Residential, Lifestyle, 55 Plus, Active Adult) 


Residents desire more than a great place to live, they want a wonderful and supportive community that offers services beyond the standard amenities!  While having a swimming pool, and exercise room is wonderful, adding interesting group social activities using creative arts educational and fun filled workshops that stimulate physical, mental and social activities creates a community with a sense of fun and enjoyment to uplift the heart and soul, is a place where many would love to call home.   A community that offers these services create a better sense of belonging for residents, a key element that promotes longevity.  Let us assist you to enhance a creative active environment they will surely miss if they must move on.  Our creative workshops keep residents coming back for more. Schedule Creative Workshops at your site today!  We can organize a variety of monthly or weekly creative workshops for your residents.  Link to Creative Workshops List  Call, 571-989-0092.  

Activities Program for Individuals:

Enjoy special creative activities filled with laughter, fun, and happiness with our Activity Assistant Program for Individuals. Our customized creative arts social group program will bring activities to you right at home online live or at a facility to uplift your heart and refresh your soul.

 We create fun filled memorable moments for people who participate in our activities program.  We will customize creative arts activities to fit most personal interest as outlined on the plan list. 

Our Activities Program will bring fun and laughter and that happy feeling lingers after the activity is over and that is a powerful antidote to reduce stress, pain, and conflict. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance than creative activity arts filled with fun and laughter.

Activities lightens your burdens, inspires hopes, connects you to others, and keeps you grounded, focused, and alert.  Relaxes your muscles, adds joy and zest to life, improves mood, enhances resilience, strengthens and develops relationships,  promotes group bonding, and gives everyone something new to talk about! 

Our Assistants are trained and skilled in creative arts, social and event planning, background cleared, and love their work of touching lives in a positive uplifting way.  

Our activities include but not limited to: Social Networking, Creative Design Workshops, Board Games, Arts, Crafts, Painting, Ceramics, Theme Parties with relatives and friends, Murder Mystery, Jewelry Design, Dramatic Story Telling, Character Visits, Pillow making, Soap and Candle making and more. 

Activities Program

Our Mission

To Create Activity Programs for Adults! 

Our Mission

Our Vision

To provide  Activity events through arts, crafts, board games, drama, murder mystery stories, theme parties, character visits, and creative workshops.  

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